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Broker referral payment program

Thank you to all the brokers whose extraordinary efforts have helped increase awareness of and enrollment in the PCIP program. The PCIP Program has provided access to health coverage and peace of mind to thousands of Americans who otherwise would not have access to health benefits.

We have determined that our outreach efforts have succeeded in significantly raising awareness of PCIP and enrollment in this program. As such, CMS will end the PCIP Broker Referral Payment Program in federally administered PCIP states as of May 1, 2012.

The ability to submit new client referrals will be discontinued on May 1, 2012; however, all referrals that were received prior to May 1 will continue to be received and processed. So, we encourage you to submit any qualified referrals that are pending before May 1, 2012, to ensure that they are received.

We welcome your continued voluntary referral of potential beneficiaries to this important program. PCIP coverage has reduced costs and saved lives. In 2014, new coverage options will be available to Americans with pre-existing conditions.

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